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    We provide reliable temperature-controlled transportation, offering both refrigerated and frozen trucking options. Let our experienced drivers and modern fleet be your advantage.

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    Storage Solutions

    We have freezer, cooler, and dry storage conveniently located in Denver, PA just off the Pennsylvania turnpike.

    Cold Storage
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At NHT Logistics, we have what it takes to keep your business moving. As a full-service logistics partner, we provide transportation and storage solutions that connect your products with your customers. Located in Denver, Pennsylvania, we operate throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, and our reputation for total customer satisfaction is unsurpassed.

  • "An amazing company with great workers and awesome vision. One of their core values is to live with eternity in mind, making daily choices that make a difference after they're gone."

    - Austin S.
  • "Great place for delivery, night parking, friendly staff, unloaded within less then one hours, hassle-free delivery."

    - Alek B.
  • "It’s no wonder why they have all 5 stars reviews. Well managed facility."

    - Andrey G.
  • "Parked for the night at their lot and had no problems. Got unloaded in the morning in 20 minutes. Wish everyone work like them!"

    - Dennis S.
  • "I got there an hour before my appointment and they got me in a dock pretty quick. Nice easy entrance, well designed exit, and easy docks to get in and out."

    - Dorsai S.
  • "Fast loading. Perfect!! Great attitude. Made my day!"

    - Daniel A.
  • "I used to work here and it was hands down the best place I’ve ever been. Everyone is super friendly and they didn’t take any shortcuts, everything was done properly and efficiently. Thank you NHT for the good experience!"

    - Keegan S.
  • "Clean. Fast. And professional. Nice place for drivers."

    - Chris W.
  • "Good place to deliver, nice folks, excellent facility, Drivers when delivering here they ask that you take it easy on their new asphalt in front of the docks"

    - MJ G.